Woodworking Projects: Bird Houses

Building wooden bird houses is a great way to attract a variety of birds in to your garden, and it also makes a fun low cost weekend project. In my garden I have several bird houses, It gives me a lot of pleasure each year to watch the birds nesting. Below are links to sites with some free plans and instructions.  

Birds in Bloom 
Birdhouse for Beginners.With its classic good looks, this one-board birdhouse will fit anywhere.

50 Birds
Plans for houses for 70 different species of North American birds. Also plans for feeders.

RSPB Advice: Making a Nest Box
A Royal Society for the Protection of Birds guide to making nest boxes, including hole sizes for many UK birds and a PDF plan.

Top Tips for a Great Bird House
It is best to not to use any paint on your bird box, leave it to weather to a natural silver finish, however softwood boxes (such as pine) can be treated with water-based wood preservatives and apply only to the outside of the box, and not around the entrance hole. Whatever you use, make sure the box dries and airs thoroughly before putting it up.

  • Don't put a perch under the entrance hole, putting a perch will give a predators somewhere to sit.
  • Drill the proper entrance hole size for the bird you are trying to attract.
  • Use galvanised nails or screws. The inside front surface should be rough - this will help the young birds to clamber up. A drainage hole in the base will stop the box getting damp inside.
  • Hinge the lid with a strip of leather or rubber (an old piece of bicycle inner tube would do). Don't nail the lid down (because you will need to clean out the box in the autumn). Instead, use a catch to keep it closed.
  • Once you are done building, you will need to find a good place to put the bird house. A good location will be somewhere in your land that does not have to much human activity. The bird house should be hung on a tree, or mounted to a pole or tree, at least 4 feet off the ground, if it is less, young birds might be scooped out by a cat!

 Hope This post has inspired you to build a bird house, let us know how you get on in the comments below.