Woodworking Sites: Blue collar Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs

Heres a great up and coming woodworking site  Blue collar woodworking with Stumpy Nubs.
"Stumpy is a regular woodworker, with a regular shop, who uses regular tools to make regular projects. The kind of guy most garage woodworkers can relate to. But he's also different in some very important ways.."
The site is in a Vblog  format, its more about life in the workshop than about the projects. Stumpy teaches us  how to do things in the workshop efficiently, what tools are best for each job, and how we can get the most from our shop time. The videos are filled with interesting ways to save money. If he can make it himself, he'll do it, and show you how! 

To illustrate this below is a great You Tube woodworking video from his site. It shows how Stumpy upgrades a Worksharp sharpening system, and allows the attachment of Tormek Jigs.

This site has lots of  really creative ideas. The videos are really well made, informative and even funny in parts.  This site is a must see for all woodworkers especially those on a tight budget!

If you follow Blue Collar Woodworking or even if your visiting for the first time today, we would love to Know what you think about the site in the comments below.  

 This site has Just become a Woodworkers Guide Top 100 Woodworking Site