Edge Trimming and Jointing Veneer

If you have ever tried to flawlessly seam and joint multiple sheets of veneer you will know how hard it can be, especially if your veneer is a little brittle. Here are three You Tube videos showing different approaches to the problem. I have tried all three in the past, I must admit having cut thousands of feet using a veneer saw, I love the idea of using a track saw!

The first Video is from the Shop Smith Academy  It shows the traditional method using a veneer saw. A veneer saw is a wooden handled tool, you draw it across the wood as you would use a knife. It has a double edged reversible saw blade, with teeth of different sizes to suit various woods. It is a reasonably low cost tool, and is ideal for cutting perfectly square edge joints for veneer matching.You use it against a straight edge.

The second video is by Paul Schurrch In the video he shows us how he uses a Festool ATF-55 Series track saw to edge joint a stack of veneer.He uses the negative rake of the Festool blade and very unusual technique of cutting backwards along the track through a stack of walnut veneer without splintering. Interesting!

The third short video shows a more traditional method of jointing using straight edges and sand paper.

As we can see there are many ways to flawlessly joint veneer. Please let us know favourite method or even methods of edge trimming in the comments below.

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