Woodworking with Hide Glue

If you would like to master hide glue then this short YouTube video by John Bullar, author of "Furniture Making, A Foundation Course,"  should set you on the right path. You might  also like to subscribe to his You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/johnbullar

 Hide Glue  is often sold as granules and called 'scotch' or 'pearl glue.' It is an extremely strong, gap filling glue, which has the property of pulling surfaces together as it dries.  It needs to be applied hot, and hardens as it cools. It has the great advantage over PVA that you can reheat it and the glue should re-melt, allowing you to remake joints or reposition veneer. If you want to use it as a gap filler you can mix in pigments to match the wood. The main draw back of this glue is that it is not weather proof, so for indoor work only.

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You Tube Woodworking Video: Wood Turned Cowboy Hats

Here's An interesting short You Tube woodworking video showing Kevin Felderhoff of Wood Cowboy Hats he specializes in this unique form of wood turning making cowboy hats. He starts of with a 200 Lb log and end up with a wearable hat. Due to the handcrafted nature of the process, no two of his hats are alike. You can find out more about his amazing hats at: http://www.woodcowboyhats.com/kevin.htm.

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Woodworking Sites: Inlay Arts

Home page Inlay Arts

Here is a real inspirational site Inlay Arts. It is a site dedicated to showing the finest inlay, marquetry and parquetry from around the world. The site is filled with stunning images of the best work from top wood artists. The quality of the work as well as the photography is amazing. As someone who has struggled from time to time with the intricacies simplest of inlay work some of the stuff shown on this site really blows my mind!

The site features a gallery of many top wood artists portfolios including the likes of Aaron Radlow, Silas Kopf, Patrik Edwards, David J Marks and many more.  As well as having a blog featuring furniture by many others. If your interested in inlay, then this is a site you should not miss.

This site is a Woodworkers Guide Top 100 Woodworking Site