21 Ideas to inspire your next woodworking project

  1. Make something useful like a bookshelf
  2. Make something unique to your own design
  3. Make a musical instrument
  4. Make something first
  5. Make something that makes people happier
  6. Try some carving or sculpture
  7. Build a Work Bench
  8. Do some  Japanese joinery
  9. make a wooden clock
  10. Work green wood make a chair
  11. Make a gift
  12. Turn something from spalted wood
  13. Build a rocking horse 
  14. Make something inspirational
  15. Reproduce an antique
  16. Make something that solves a problem
  17. Make something that gets a laugh
  18. Make something that saves you time or money
  19. Build the boat you have always wanted
  20. Make a jig or other shop resource
  21. Make something ‘cool