Woodworkers Project: Spalted wooden Jewelery

Wooden Earrings from Spalted Oak
Stunning wooden Jewelry can be crafted from very small pieces spalted woods. Jewelry makes great gifts and can be a quick and easy project for the keen woodworker.
For best effect I use only the most spalted and richly colored peices of wood. The Spalted Pear wood is one of my favorites to use for jewelery. Its color is a warm rich brown and black tones. I have several old pear trees that yield a branch or two every year. The Spalted oak I found as wind fall branches in a local forest. 
Wooden Earrings from Spalted Pear
The great thing about jewelery is that you need very little wood. Each pair takes about an hour to make and requires little in the way of tools. The Drops for the earrings I cut to rough shape using a bandsaw, but you could use a hand saw, then for the final shaping I used files, rasps and sand paper. The wood was sanded down to 1000 grit and given three or four coats of tung oil and one coat of bees wax.  
 The Ear hooks are silver, the beads amber colored glass, these can be brought from jewelry supply shops. The ear hooks are glued in to the drops using epoxy resin.

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Interview with Phil Edwards, Founder of Philly Planes

Phil Edwards, Founder of Philly Planes,  shares with us the story of how he became a plane maker, and  his traditional hand made wooden planes. 

All  Phils planes are made in the time tested manner from the finest select hard woods. He even makes his own plane irons from high carbon O1 steel which takes and holds an excellent edge.
Phil Has a nice blog;  Phisvile, where you can read more about him and his planes. 

The Video was uploaded on the Wood havens YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWoodHavenVideo

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