David Marks on The Wood Whisperer- Bowl turning

This video from the Wood Whisperer You Tube channel, covers a recent visit by Marc Spagnolo to his friend and mentor, David J Marks, in which they made an excellent short video together, showing David turning a small natural edge bowl.

In this video David shows you a number of tools and interesting techniques. You'll see him using some of the more standard turning tools like the bowl gouge, the parting tool, and the pyramid point tool, as well as some interesting carbide tipped tools from Easy Wood Tools. David shows the Easy Rougher and The Easy Finisher.  He also goes in to some detail on how he uses strips of thin wood to back sand paper, allowing him to conform to the bowls curves without rounding over the edges.

The video concludes with a few ideas on the importance of finishing and forming the bottom. David also shows  how to make and use a jam chuck, as well as illustrating some of the dangers of turning natural edge bowls (only a little blood!)

The Wood Whisperer is one of my favorite woodworking Video Blogs, this combined with a guest aperance by one of the greatest wood workers, David Marks, your sure of a video worth watching. Enjoy!

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