Woodworking Books - The Workbench Design Book, the Art and Philosophy of Building Better Benches

"The workbench is the most important tool in your shop.

While the statement is absolutely true, it doesn't help you answer the more important question: Which workbench should I build? 

 Chris Schwarz’s  book provides plans and details for eight different workbenches. These benches range from a Roubo bench, in which Chris builds entirely by hand, to a workbench assembled in 24 hours

What's inside

Centuries of workbench history that has been boiled down so you can easily separate the enduring bench designs from the bad ones. 

Complete plans for shop-tested workbenches that you can build – plus real-world critiques of these benches that point out the types of work at which they excel. 

The latest information on vises and other workholding devices, plus plans for simple shop appliances that improve any bench. 

Chris also includes a section on how to build a sawbench as well as  information about how to upgrade your existing workbench.

Real-world advice on the best woods to use, the correct dimensions for benches and how to make your bench knockdown or mobile. 

No matter what sort of woodworking you do, inside this book you'll find the tools, detailed information and inspiration to build the right bench for your workshop, your budget, and your projects.  

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