Woodworking video- New Yankee Workshop

New Yankee Online - with Norm Abrams

In the Course of 21 seasons the New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abrams, having 235 projects and 925 episodes  has introduced more people to the craft of woodworking than anyone else on the planet. The show ran from 1989 until 2009, but sadly their are no more being made.

So  if your local stations have stopped airing reruns of the show, and you still need your weekly hit of Norm? well help is at hand, the New Yankee Online Website is airing an old episode of the show each week.

As well as this fully featured DVD's of all New Yankee Project are available to buy on the site as well as the appropriate measured drawings.

For those (if any) who have never seen Norm, here is a short youtube clip, where he shows us around the Studley tool chest.

The show may be dead but long live Norm.