Hand Tools: Woodworking Hand Planes and Planemakers

Below you can find a list of my top Woodworking planes and planemakers sites. Click on the links to open the page in a new window. If you want to recommend a woodworking forum or any other woodworking site please do so here.

Anderson Planes  Traditional style handmade infill planes with bodies of bronze, brass, steel or wood.
Brese Planes   Ron Brese maker of fine hand planes for fine woodworking.

Bridge City Tools   John Economaki & Co.  Bridge City Tool Works - High-end woodworking hand tools.

Bill Carter Hand Planes   Known for his dovetailed box mitre planes, Bill has been making hand planes since the 1980′s.

Catharine Kennedy   Custom hand tool engraving.

Gerd Fritsche Traditional Hand planes   High quality traditional infill planes in the style of Norris.

Handplane Central  Great information on hand plane, Stanley planes, infill planes and plane making.

You might also like this post by Chris Adkins over at High Rock Woodworking: Making a set of wooden Green and Green inspired hand planes.

Making a set of wooden Green and Green inspired hand planes.

Heinz Antique & Collectable Tools   John Heinz maker of beautiful sculptured wooden planes, infill planes, hammers and other tools.

HNT Gordon Planes   Planes made from the hardest Australian woods and beautiful exotics from around the world.

Holtey Classic Hand planes   Considered by many to be some of the  the finest hand planes ever made.

Infill Plane Kits  Infill plane kits .

Knight Toolworks   Hand planes from exotic hard woods woods.

Marcou Planes   A plane maker from New Zealand who makes dovetailed planes that excel a planing difficult exotics.

Old Street Tool Inc  Makers of wooden molding and bench planes. 

Sauer + Steiner Toolworks  Home of Sauer & Steiner premier infill planes.

St. James Bay Tool Co.   Manufactures its own planes, squares, spoke shaves and violin maker's planes  inspired by antique tools of the 1880s and '90s.

Vesper Tools   Make a great bronze shoulder plane, as well as some excellent marking knives, squares, bevels and gauges.

Recommended Books
The Perfect Edge, by Ron Hock

The Perfect Edge
224 pages with over 400 photos, The definitive Book on sharpening hand plane blades. The book includes a lengthy chapter on tool steel metallurgy, heat treatment, even rust, as well as a chapter on abrasives: what they are and which one does what best, along with how-to chapters on how to sharpen your favorite tools. 

Making & Mastering Wood Planes
Interested in learning how to design and make you own hand plane? With this book and a weekend you can make your own plane and learn how to use it efficiently. You’ll learn a wealth of general woodworking knowledge and tips and acquire a solid understanding of the many fundamentals of fine woodworking. Master craftsman David Finck has written the definitive book in the field and a classic introduction to the fine art of woodworking.