Tormek Truing & Dressing Tool TT-50

Tormek Truing and Dressing Tool TT50

One of my biggest headaches as a woodworkers is regrinding plane blades. If there is the slightest grooves in to the surface of your grinding wheel or if the grinding wheel isn't running perfectly parallel to your tool support you will get an uneven grind which ultimately will result in a less than sharp blade. 

The TT-50 is Tormek's latest stone truing tool and will make getting a flat parallel surface a simple and quick task. The truing and dressing tool comes in the T-7 Sharpening System and If like me you have an earier Tormek system you can also use the TT-50 on the existing Universal Support, but setting up the cut is more difficult. However Tormek advise you to retrofit the latest Universal Support with Micro Adjust.

Here is a short Tormek video showing the TT-50 in use.

The TT50 is used to re-dress grindstones when the stone becomes grooved or glazed through use. The dressing tool leaves you with a perfectly flat and true grinding surface, this makes grinding plane blades an easy task. The TT50 uses a diamond-impregnated tip to true the stone round and flat. Mounted onto the Universal Support Bar, the TT50 uses a lead screw to provide steady, even control as you draw the tip across the stone (see video).
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