The Best Woodworking Online

With this blog/directory I want to provide the best hand edited guide to woodworking online.

The web is full of great woodworking gems: blogs, magazines, video and techniques. These gems are  lost in  the vast sea content!  Search engines and directories help a little but the budding woodworker  will need to look hard to find the best.

This list in this blog will reflects my opinion as to what are the  best collection of woodworking resources on the internet. I am trying to present quality, not quantity, here are websites that are among the best. 

The initial lists will cover the big name woodworkers and popular woodworking web sites, however  soon I will bring you best resources for the myriad of woodworking niches and specialties.

You may look through the lists and think: “Why didn’t you include X site ” – I realize I may well have missed a great site so apologies, please  email me  suggestions or leave a comment for future lists. I want this site to be interactive and would really value your input.