Announcing The Top Woodworking Sites for 2011

If you're really in to woodworking, get ready for inspiration overload! We are excited to announce our  Top 100 Woodworking Sites for 2011! Well done to all those that have made the list!

See the list of top woodworking sites here...

Tormek's T7 sharpening System - Wet Grinder

Tormek T7 sharpening  system
Tormek's new T7 pairs an already widely acclaimed sharpening system with two new innovations for enhanced accuracy, convenience and versatility. With the new Square Edge Jig, your blades will be automatically squared to the grinding wheel without the need for picky adjustments. Since chisels and plane blades are mounted with their flat backs against a large, flat reference surface, there is no risk of rocking or tipping once the jig is tightened down. The T7 also includes the new Truing and Dressing Tool, which uses a diamond cutter to return worn, out-of-round wheels to like-new condition. Precision screw feed allows you to grade the wheel for a fine or coarse grade by simply varying the rate of feed. Plus, the standard system now includes the SP-650 Stone Grader.

Woodworking Video - Cherry Log to Country Chair

Here is an interesting short video showing Antóni Ross converting a cherry log in to a chair. The Log is from a recently felled tree, the video covers various aspects of green woodworking and chair making.

Antóni aims through his work to keep the old woodworking skills alive. He currently demonstrates at country shows, wood fairs, and I has a small workshop for teaching these bygone country skills.

Woodworking Video- Woodtreks

“Woodtreks” are video journeys for woodworkers, wood artists, and collectors of fine wood crafts, art, and furniture. Be inspired, learn how-to, and discover master artisans & their work."

Keith Cruickshank's personal video blog Woodtreks, celebrating wood art & craft – and the people who make it happen.   The site covers many aspects of woodworking and woodworking techniques. I love the style and presentation. The quality of filming is just amazing.

To give you some idea of the quality here is a short video clip  from You Tube, where keith tunes up a metal handplane, the quality of the images are much better on his site, so I have also  put some links at the bottom to his latest postings.


On Designing & Building A Custom Workbench — Up Close: The Edwards Bench
Hide (& Animal Protein) Glues: Background, Selection and How to Prepare
Hammer Veneering: How To Apply Decorative Veneers Using Only Hand Tools

Heraldic Woodcarving by Patrick Damiaens

Master wood carver and ornamentalist Patrick Damiaens  currently works  in Flanders, Belgium.  He mainly carves in the Liege and Aachen styles: furniture, wood panels and architectural details.

Here is a short Clip of Patrick: The Stages of Heraldic Wood Carving. Enjoy.

Woodworkers Blogs: The Village Carpenter

"One person's woodworking journey, with a focus on hand tools"

The Village Carpenter
One of my favorite woodworking blogs. following the personal woodworking journey of Kari Hultman (a.k.a. The Village Carpenter.)  The  blog reflects Karis passion for woodworking with hand tools as she makes excellent reproductions of wooden tools and furniture from times past.

Her work is of the highest quality. She has constantly developed her skills over the years through classes with master woodworkers and shares freely what she has learned with her readers ( see this series of posts from about year ago:  Carved Oil Stone Holder.)

A showcase of beautiful joinery, wonderful carving  and an inspiration to us all, if you don"t know her blog you really should check it out
See also:

The village Carpenters top 10 woodworking books

6 Greatest Woodworking Video Sites Online

If you'd like to recommend a woodworking site or blog or have any comments  please send us details here. I hope you discover something new. It took me absolutely ages to put together, so if you enjoyed it I would hugely appreciate any tweets/stumbles/diggs.

The Woodwisperer
Woodworking Videos, Articles, View Projects and Shop Tours with Marc Spagnolo.

The Woodwrights Shop
PBS long running Woodwrites shop with Roy Underhill, showcasing hand tool skills, and interviews. Lots of episodes.

Wood Treks
“Wood Treks” are video journeys for woodworkers, wood artists, and collectors of fine wood crafts, art, and furniture.

New Yankee Workshop
The New Yankee Workshop on-line featuring Norm Abram.

Lie Nielsen You Tube Channel
Hand tool skill building videos from tool makers Lie Nielsen.

Woodworking Channel
A collection of woodworking videos from various sources, covering aspects hand and machine tool use as well as an interview with the Late Sam Maloof.

Top 10 Woodworking Magazines

Woodworking magazines provide great amount of information for the woodworker online, plans, tips and  inspiration for your woodworking projects. The magazines listed below, some of which are only available on-line, cater for different skill levels and tastes. Be sure to let us know which ones you like by leaving comments below.

Fine Woodworking
Focusing on the very best of woodworking techniques skills. This site provides a lot of high quality content in the form of articles, video, images. The site covers in depth most aspects of woodworking from techniques, wood, finishes and tools, and also showcasing the work of top woodworkers. The quality of the work illustrated provides inspiration to its readers.

Popular Woodworking 
Exclusive weekly woodworking advice, tool reviews, tips, plus a free instant digital magazine.

Wood magazine
Woodworking information and plans for woodworkers

woodworking, project plans, woodworking techniques, jigs, fixtures, tools, power tools, finishing techniques, woodworking tips, step-by-step plans, design ideas, table saw, router, dovetails, joinery, subscription, forum, free preview issue, sample issue and woodworking videos.

Cabinet Maker
Magazine for pro cabinet makers.

Woodworker's Journal
A look inside the current news stand issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine, plus a selection of plans, articles, and links to related sites.

fully-illustrated woodworking magazine, featuring furniture plans, shop jigs, tool news and finishing techniques.

Woodworking News is a resource for woodworkers and carpenters of all skill levels. Shop online for Woodworking Supplies, Woodworking Tools and Woodworking Plans. Advance your woodcraft: Woodworking Tool reviews, project guides, tips and answers to woodworking questions.

Creative Woodworks & Crafts
Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine Online includes current issue contents, free project, links, submission guidelines, subscription services, and more!

Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts is dedicated to woodworkers and scroll saw woodworking tool owners with regular topics on intarsia, compound scroll saw.

Please comment on the list, and share your favorite links with others.

The Best Woodworking Online

With this blog/directory I want to provide the best hand edited guide to woodworking online.

The web is full of great woodworking gems: blogs, magazines, video and techniques. These gems are  lost in  the vast sea content!  Search engines and directories help a little but the budding woodworker  will need to look hard to find the best.

This list in this blog will reflects my opinion as to what are the  best collection of woodworking resources on the internet. I am trying to present quality, not quantity, here are websites that are among the best. 

The initial lists will cover the big name woodworkers and popular woodworking web sites, however  soon I will bring you best resources for the myriad of woodworking niches and specialties.

You may look through the lists and think: “Why didn’t you include X site ” – I realize I may well have missed a great site so apologies, please  email me  suggestions or leave a comment for future lists. I want this site to be interactive and would really value your input.